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Rally to Support QueensLink October 9


Transportation with a park (QueensLink) is better than eliminating opportunities and separating our City!

Imagine this:

Let’s get rid of the subway train and put a permanent Barrier Park (QueensWay) on the El?

Let’s get rid of the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge that unites people with a permanent Barrier Park (QueensWay)?

This is political corruption, favoritism, bigotry, Segregation and it’s autocratic for the few and powerful.

The powerbroker’s continue to segregate the people in our City  for nefarious reasons.

“Keep THEM away from us and let THEM rot and kill each other.”

Political corruption and irresponsible policies are killing Americans.

See the pattern?

It’s all the same and connected to tyrannical leadership.  Divide and Conquer!

That’s why We Fight for Truth and Freedom.

We fight for our God given Rights in America!

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